Hello! Thank you for your interest in TESCO. We wish you an enjoyable visit.

For over two decades TESCO has been a pioneer in bringing novel architectural products to India. We are headquartered in Bangalore, India with branches in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Trivandrum and Kochi.

Other companies owned and managed by the same group include Green Box (Fire Door Manufacturer), Intercon (Specialized Installation Team) & Prestofit Systems (Customised Interiors on Lease).

Our journey:
Initially a 5-man operation, we are now the largest importer/ installer of modular false ceilings in Southern India.

Alcol [Singapore] - is one of the first three access-flooring manufacturers worldwide, and the holder of 19 patents in access-flooring design. Adding to our increasingly global portfolio, we recently acquired this company and now are the primary distributor / installer of access-flooring in South India.

What we do:
We specialize in importing, distributing and contracting cutting-edge interior products for modern office construction.

We have a competitive product line that includes Access Flooring, Modular Ceilings, Passive Fire Protection Systems, Glazed Partition Systems, Acoustic Systems, Interior Trims and Accessories.

We continue to evolve with changing market trends, and invite symbiotic collaborations.

To increase the quality of life by introducing earth-friendly and world-class building methodology and materials in the Asia-Pacific region.
To be the most EFFICIENT, INNOVATIVE & PROACTIVE team in our industry.

Our organisational structure is fluid, facilitating open communication.

We encourage our staff to take on new responsibilities linking the company's growth to individual growth.
We actively dialogue with customers to offer the most apt solution. Therefore our creedo - "Leads in building materials - Leaving smiles behind".