At TESCO, we offer three categories of services carefully developed to ensure quality control is followed through to the last mile while maximizing customer satisfaction.
- Delivering our products to the site on-time.
- Over-the-counter sales to installers.
ii. Specialty Product Sourcing:
If you desire something unique in your office design, you can avail of our extensive network to source a product that fits well with your requirements.

i. On-site Installation:
To ensure that our products are installed adhering to their manufacturers parameters, we have a team of qualified site-engineers for supervision and over 120 seasoned contractors for execution.
ii. Engineering & Design Services:
For added technical inputs, you can consult our team of in-house CAD experts and engineers.
iii. BOQ Extractions:
For BOQ extraction, you can call on the expertise of our in-house BOQ department.

i. Installation Training:
- For contractors who source our products, we instruct and inform them to ensure an optimized installation process.
- For new products, FREE training is given to installers and external contractors.
ii. Passive Fire – Protection Consultancy and Services:
This is for clients seeking more information in Fire-safety solutions that are in-line with the National Building Code [NBC].
iii. Acoustic Consultancy and Services:
This for the client who seeks a finely-tuned acoustic solution.